Farina “by Granturco Formenton 8 file”

Like it: the goodness and fragrance of bread are not discussed, biscotti, breading ... children especially like grandma's desserts to eat for breakfast ... but when mum brings the cutting board with Polenta to the table ... well ... it's normal to give way to the protagonist! Poor Italian dish was poor Italian dish remained, a label sometimes considered uncomfortable that other products have preferred to hide or conceal ... Polenta instead has made it a strong point, claiming the role that has always belonged to it.
It was not the dishes with very long or unpronounceable names that fed tens or hundreds of generations but the "Cinderella" of the kitchen: farina, water and a pinch of salt ... the Polenta!
The homogeneous and delicate flavor allows for a very slight bitter aftertaste that does not affect the neutral tone but makes it suitable to accompany many dishes and condiments, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones.
Polenta is often associated with the winter season, it is a concept that should be revisited because it is a timeless product, so flexible in the kitchen that it can be enjoyed in any season, rather, in the summer season it is an excellent substitute for bread, an exquisite base for croutons, a tantalizing fast-breaker fried on a stick.
The ingredients are immutable: Yellow Flour and Water… less than that! You can only add something to the Polenta, like Cinderella, turns into a dream dish and becomes the queen of the table ... that's why we suggest trying it seasoned with our Ragout and accompanied by an intense snowfall of ours (unmatched) Parmesan Cheese, or as a side dish to our selection of meat, diced and seasoned with our "Euio" Extra virgin olive oil, topped with Porcini mushrooms fresh or dried, together with beans boiled, fried sticks or thin croutons.
Farina Formenton 8 File: if Corn and Corn are the same plant, he Formenton 8 File could be defined as the “extra quality” resource of a product already widely known and appreciated. The 8File due to low productivity, it risked extinction but thanks to its rediscovery today it is the spearhead, industry excellence. Like other flours, corn flour is also widely used in Italian cuisine, in particular for the Polenta, a food that has become a symbolic dish in the Regions of Northern Italy.


Farina “by Granturco Formenton 8 file”

Origin: Italy – Artisan stone grinding
Packaged in a factory that uses CEREALS and NUTS, it may contain traces of EGG and GLUTEN.
Average nutritional values ​​for 100 g of product: energy Kj 1520 / Kcal 362 - fats (g) 3,6 of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0,5 - carbohydrates (g) 77 of which sugars (g) 0,6 - proteins (g) 8,1 – sale (g) 0,09-.
Peso netto g 1000


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